SVS Creative Lab & Oficinas Do Convento

July 27th to August 7th 2018,

Montemor-o-novo, Portugal

convento2 convento1

This year is the 10th anniversary of the residency which will take place for the first time in Portugal in collaboration with Oficinas Do Convento. The location of the residency is situated in the amazing 16th century UNESCO heritage Convento De Sao Francisco an hour outside of Lisbon and an hour from Arrábida, a natural park which has some of the most beautiful beaches around Portugal.

Oficinas Do Convento turned the unused convent in the late 70s into a place for ceramic workshops and a hacklab for electronics. Which means there are also workshops you can use to create & build some odd “soundgenerators”. You can watch a selection of projects they organised / people which came to Oficinas Do Convento on their youtube channel. Here is a selection: Sculpture performing – 3d printer used as soundsource – feedback generated in well fountain of the patio – Bell soundsculpture

The Convent itself offers several spaces which will be turned into recording studios for the duration of the residency. The smaller studio rooms are mainly situated around the patio of the convent. Further there are two big spaces, the church of the convent and a newly built structure alongside the patio of the convent which we are also planning to use as recording studios. (Pictures below)

The accomodation in the Convent offers very basic single mattresses and beds which can be moved into each workspace (each participant would need to bring their own sleeping bag / blankets / towels). There will be access to a toilet, a shower, and a communal fully equipped kitchen. If participants wish to sleep in their own space or differently to what’s available at Oficinas Do Convento, we recommend to alternatively try looking for an AirBnB around Montemor-o-novo.

Past Events:

SVS X 4DSOUND Creative Lab, Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest

During Summer ’16, the SVS collective was invited to work on the 4DSOUND System and show their develloped livesets to the public of Budapest on one of the greatest spatial sound systems ever.